Moon over Sawmill Bay

by Paige Talvi on February 23, 2011

(Originally published Aug. 14, 2009. Read original post here.)

Summer moons require late night viewing. Lia and I are typically up until 11 pm (unless I sneak off early to bed), finishing dishes, baking and planning for the next day…and sometimes a little late night internet shopping.

Whenever we see the moon rise we grab our cameras and try to capture the magic of the moment. We both agree that we need to learn more about photography so we can improve our photos. So with that caveat enjoy the photos.

One evening, we saw the dogs arrive loaded with porcupine quills…the worst case ever. Licorice’s face was covered in quills but Heila had them everywhere. Quills were down her spine, in her tail, on her hips and thighs, between her toes and all over her face and head.

We love the dogs but poked up dogs find little sympathy from the Port Ashton crew. Licorice is not cooperative when it comes to removing quills so Lia put on her rain gear, laid on top of her, I held her head and Tasha, who is 9, pulled the quills while Licorice snapped at her. Luckily I paid attention to Tasha’s technique as I would be Heila’s surgeon. Heila had to wait for Lia and I to finish the dishes and prep breakfast for our full service guests. (One of our guests was a plastic surgeon so of course, I asked him to perform the quill pulling operation. He kindly declined.)

Heila and Licorice were embarrassed. You know how that feels when you get caught doing something stupid…well, they were busted and needed our help. They hung their heads and patiently waited for the quill removal.

Finally, at 11:30 pm I geared up…with glasses, head lamp, leather gloves and pliers. Tasha had gone to bed and I was now the designated puller. Heila is not always friendly. She is our bear dog and can be ferocious when bears are in the area. I wasn’t confident that she would allow me to pull her quills. But Lia assured me she would be easier than Licorice so we proceeded.

Lia was right. Once the quills were removed from Heila’s back she relaxed into Lia’s lap with her legs in the air. It took us about 30 minutes…and our night ended with taking photos of this beautiful moon.

Late night chores have their perks.

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