Some foods are so comforting, so nourishing of body and soul, that to eat them is to be home again after a long journey.

Eli Brown, Cinnamon and Gun Powder



Port Ashton Lodge has two dining options: do-it-yourself or we'll do it for you. Most cabins are equipped with kitchens and/or grills, perfect for cooking your fresh catch and the food you've brought with you (there are no stores on the island). That said, you might prefer to dock at the end of a long day of fishing and have some amazing Alaskan comfort food waiting for you - and we don't disappoint!


If that's your desire, book Port Ashton to "cater" your private meal in our main-lodge dining area. Catering is "exclusive catering" - meaning only one reservation per meal, so booking ahead is critical!) Comfort foods like fresh salmon and halibut, served with delicious sides and freshly baked pies are just some of the favorites. Homemade cookies and cinnamon rolls also find their way onto the menu frequently (if not always!)

Again, because all food and drinks (including and adult beverages) must be air-dropped or shipped onto the island, and because there is only one "catering" reservation per meal, it is vital to plan ahead and book any catering services before your trip to Port Ashton. It is also important to bring any food, drinks, and adult beverages with you too, as there are no supplies for sale on the island.

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