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commercial fisherman setting nets in Sawmill Bay Port Ashton Lodge


  • How do I book?
    We’re so happy you’re considering visiting us here at Port Ashton Lodge. We will work closely with you through the booking process to fully personalize your stay. Here’s how you can book a trip: 1. Review our Lodging options and check our availability calendar. 2. Call +1 (907) 715-7117 or fill out our contact form to tell us more about the dates you would like to visit and the number of people in your group. 3. We will be in touch with you shortly to answer any questions, confirm your reservation, and process an initial 50% deposit. If you have questions at any point, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can reach us by email at or by phone at +1 (907) 715-7117
  • What are your reservation and cancellation policies? Do I need Travel Insurance?
    Reservation Policy Reservation priority is given to returning guests until November 15th to secure a reservation for the next season. To secure a reservation date(s) a 50% deposit is required. Once your deposit is received, an email or text confirmation will be sent to you clarifying the date(s) of your reservation. Payment in full is required by April 15th for the upcoming season. Cancellation Policy Our season is very short. It runs from mid-May until the end of August. It is very common that we turn potential guests away because their requested dates are fully booked. **For these reasons, we must follow a strict cancellation policy. There are no refunds once the reservation is secure.** We strongly encourage all guests to purchase travel insurance to protect their Alaskan adventure. Travel Insurance We STRONGLY recommend that all our guests secure travel insurance for any unforeseen cancellations or disruptions to their Alaskan adventure. There are many plans to choose from. One we recommend is Travel Guard. See Lodging for a full list of policies
  • I want to book a fishing charter with overnight stays at PAL. Which one should I choose?
    There are various factors you should consider when deciding which fishing charter is right for you: How big is your group? Who is coming on the trip? Are you all dedicated fishermen willing to spend hours on the water in any kind of weather in order to reel in the big ones? Or are you more interested in trying out the experience of deep sea fishing in Alaska? What species of fish would you like to catch the most? Halibut? King salmon? Multi-species? Do you have a preference to launch from the port of Whittier or Seward? Think about the answers to these questions and then give us a call. We can help match you to the charter that will work best for you. NOTE: PAL does not operate its own proprietary fishing charter.
  • Do you provide meals and beverages?
    Clients will need to bring their own food and beverages. The Lookout and Hideaway cabins have private kitchens fully-equipped for self-service meal preparation. The Trailhead does NOT have a kitchen or cooking facilities, but it is often booked as add-on to the other cabins. Port Ashton Lodge does not have a liquor license and will not be able to sell you any alcoholic beverages. Please keep in mind that the nearest grocery store is nearly 100 miles away and plan accordingly.
  • How do I get there?
    Port Ashton Lodge is only accessible by boat or plane. We are 55 nautical miles southeast of Whittier and 70 nautical miles east of Seward. Most of our clients come via guided fishing charters on a multi-day fishing and overnight lodge stay package. You could also arrange transport by water taxi, rent a boat, bring your own boat, or charter a float plane. Float planes can be safely tied to our dock in our protected cove and Sawmill Bay provides plenty of room for takeoff & landing. Learn more about transportation options on the Getting Here page.
  • What time is check-in and check-out?
    Check-in: after 4 pm Check-out: before 9 am
  • How many nights should I stay?
    We recommend staying two to three nights so you can fully appreciate your experience at Port Ashton Lodge and enjoy your stay at a relaxed pace. Past guests have expressed regret about only staying for one night.
  • Do the cabins have hair dryers? TVs? An ice machine?
    We are off-grid and create our own energy, so we have to be very energy-conscious. For this reason, we do not provide hair dryers, TVs, or ice machines in the cabins. We also don't have microwaves or even electric coffee pots (we make great coffee the old-fashioned way in perkpots!) However, our cabins do have sufficient power to charge small electronic devices (such as phones) and operate C-PAP machines. If you'd like to enjoy an iced beverage, you will need to bring ice with you.
  • Do you have wifi or cell service?
    Yes, we have wifi in the main Creekside cabin, but we have very limited bandwidth. While visiting the lodge, we kindly ask visitors to avoid using social media, downloading, streaming videos, music, online radio and file sharing. Cell phone service is intermittent. AT&T service seems to work best. If you need to make an emergency phone call, we have a phone you can use.
  • What if my trip gets cancelled due to weather?
    Spend enough time in this region of Alaska, and you will often hear the phrases 'weather-dependent' and 'weather-permitting.' All trips to and from the lodge can only be safely made when Mother Nature cooperates. We have had guests need to cancel their trip last minute due to small-craft storm advisories and rough waters in past seasons. Unfortunately, we have to follow a strict cancellation policy and bookings are non-refundable once the final deposit is received. For this reason, we STRONGLY recommend purchasing trip insurance.
  • What is the weather like?
    At Port Ashton, we always plan for the worst and hope for the best regarding weather. For some summer seasons, we rarely see the sun, and on others, it's so sunny it almost feels tropical. Please keep in mind that Port Ashton Lodge is a temperate rainforest region so it does rain a lot, keeping the forest a lush, green color. We recommend that you bring rain gear and rain boots. Have layers with you just in case, because it’s much better “to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it!” Visit the What to Expect page for a packing list.
  • What activities can we do in our down time?
    Weather permitting, you can kayak, explore the property, roast marshmallows at the campfire, pick berries, have a lively game of horseshoes, or enjoy a soak in the wood-fired hot tub.* On rainy days, there are decks of cards in the cabins and board games available on request. You can also ask the PAL owners or workers about the history of the property to hear about the old Port Ashton Packing Co. salmon and herring cannery the lodge is built on. *Since it is a wood-fired hot tub, it takes hours to heat up and get the water to an ideal, cozy temperature. We make sure to stoke the fire periodically throughout the day so that the water is the perfect temperature by the time the first boats arrive at the dock. However, when it is especially stormy, windy, and/or rainy, it is almost impossible to heat up. Unfortunately, on certain stormy days, the hot tub will not be heated. On these days, if you're brave enough, you're welcome to take a polar plunge in the tub ;)
  • Can I bring my pet?
    The only dog allowed on property is our Bear Alarm, Lily. Please keep your other pets at home, for safety reasons.
  • Gratuity
    Gratuities are never expected, but are always greatly appreciated. We will always strive to provide the highest level of hospitality possible, and hope our guests leave the lodge feeling like family. Please keep in mind that we do not take tips via credit cards, so don't forget to bring cash for any tips you wish to give. NOTE: for guests arriving at the lodge via fishing charter, please understand that the lodge and the fishing charter are separate businesses. Any tips you give your captain and deckhand will not be split with Port Ashton Lodge and vice versa. Our services compliment each other, but are entirely separate entities.
  • Where do I get a cool Port Ashton Lodge hoodie?
    Visit the main Creekside cabin to see our collections of souvenirs and merchandise for sale. Depending on availability, there are hats, shirts, hoodies, zip-ups, and crew-necks. NOTE: We have limited payment methods available and the internet connection can be spotty, making it difficult to process card transactions. Cash is preferred.



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