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sea otter Port Ashton Lodge


It is very likely that you will see various wild animals that call Prince William Sound home during your stay with us. Listen to eagles calling as you enjoy your morning coffee, kayak with sea lions, wave to otters, and maybe even encounter a black bear from a safe distance. There's something truly magical about experiencing nature here at Port Ashton Lodge ... because we're are not just in it, we are a part of it.

Humpback whales, Dall porpoises, orcas, sea otters, harbor seals and stellar sea lions are the most common marine mammals encountered. And the variety of birds seen on a given day can range from the majestic bald eagle to the elegant blue heron. At the main cabin, the Creekside, there are hummingbird feeders, which are entertaining to watch as the hummingbirds swarm, dive-bomb, & flash their shiny tail feathers. It is also common to see black bears along island shores feeding on salmon from July to October. 


Alaska is a wild place, which is why we love it so much. We look forward to (safely) sharing it with you. 

Bald eagle viewing flying Port Ashton Lodge


We share the island with black bears and do our best to respect our furry neighbors. It can be exciting to see a bear in-person, but we must be careful to keep our distance.  Bears that associate human presence with food (even if it is unintentionally left-out and unsecured) can become dangerous. All guests are instructed to be mindful of their food storage practices and be bear aware.


Lily, our Karelian Bear Dog, is our BA (Bear Alarm), and she has had a lot of practice chasing bears off the property and 'treeing' them. 

Other notable land critters that roam the island are porcupines and Sitka deer, although they are more rare to see. 


Bald eagles are often seen soaring high above the mountain peaks. Occasionally, you can watch as they swoop down and snag a salmon in their talons. 

On some early foggy mornings, when the water is as still as glass, elegant blue herons can be watched as they stalk their prey from a perch on a piling or the rocky shore. 

Hummingbirds are heard before they're seen as they zoom past you to the feeders at the main cabin.  


Marine mammals are abundant in Prince William Sound. Dall porpoises just might be your welcoming party to the lodge. 

It is common for fishing charters to see humpback or orca whales during their long day on the water fishing. When herring schools in Sawmill Bay, sometimes the humpback whales come close to the shores in front of the lodge to bubble-feed. Sea lions, harbor seals, sea otters, and river otters are also common.


In fact, there is a notorious group of river otters that we have affectionately dubbed the 'Wickersham brothers' because they like to cause trouble for us. On occasion, they'll rob fish carcasses from the brailer bags, drag them onto the dock floats, and munch on them just underneath the dock planks. Fisherman walking to their boats are sometimes surprised to hear an otter hissing at them from beneath their feet. 

Black bear munching on berries by main cabin

Eagles viewed from cliff at Lookout cabin

The 'Wickersham' brothers

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