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Meet Lily, our newest member of the family!  She is a Karelian Bear Dog, and is incredibly smart, curious and playful. She's spent all of her summers as a pup learning how to greet guests at the dock, guide you to your cabins and vigilantly keep bears off the property. She's excelled at 'treeing' bears: chasing them off the property and into a tree. 

Please note: Lily lives on the property all summer-long, working very hard to keep guests safe from bears.  For safety and other reasons, Port Ashton Lodge does not allow guest pets on property.


Yukon Talvi Karelian Bear Dog mix

Yukon, a Karelian bear dog/black lab mix, was a loved part of the Port Ashton Lodge family for many years and was a fantastic BA. Yukon had 8 1/2 great years greeting many guests and chasing bears. Trained as a puppy to sit still on a sit-on-top kayak, he went on many kayaking adventures around Sawmill Bay, and even a few paddle-boarding rides.

Lickie Port Ashton Lodge dog

Licorice, or "Lickie" as she was affectionately called, lived a long, full life of 18 yearsEach spring when it was time to head back to the lodge, Lickie's anticipation was actually palpable... somehow she just knew. She had a sweet, deep "woah woah woah" bark with a little dance that went with it as she anxiously watched us stage summer supplies and pack everything.


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