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Randy is to thank for all the behind-the-scenes functions (electricity, plumbing, construction, etc.) of the lodge running smoothly during the summer season. He's usually off fixing something, constructing a deck, or performing routine maintenance tasks, but if you're lucky to catch him while he's free and engage him in a conversation, he has many regaling tales. Ask him about how the lodge was built, his work as an Alaska Fish & Game agent, and the family homestead in Delta Junction.


Randy is happily married to the lodge manager, Lia Talvi. Together, they have 3 adult children who have grown up at the lodge. Randy is a retired teacher, wrestling coach, commercial fisherman, and framing carpenter. He has been a driving force in the lodge property development and construction, designing and building most of the buildings at Port Ashton.


Randy's favorite thing to do is at Port Ashton Lodge is wildlife viewing and reading a book by the hot tub, but most all of his other favorite activities in general (hunting, fishing, boating, ATV riding) all take place in the wilds of Alaska too!

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Randy Talvi
Randy Talvi


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