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Meet Russ


As an owner of Port Ashton Lodge, what are your primary responsibilities?


I'm the "Lodge Opener and Closer".  I open the lodge up and get the systems, water, power, etc. back on line for the summer season in mid May. Then in August, I finish up the season and put everything away for the winter in early September. 


What do you enjoy most about Port Ashton?


I love living so close to nature out at Port Ashton, the tides and the weather dictate the rhythm of the day.  I also enjoy our interesting and adventurous guests, sharing Port Ashton with them for the first time or multiple times never gets old.  My favorite Port Ashton amenity is the hot tub, no matter how challenging the day, your troubles melt away in the wood fired salt water hot tub on the beach.


Where did you grow up? What are your hobbies?


I grew up in Fairbanks, Alaska, playing hockey. After starting a family, I lived on the island of Kauai and was in the hospitality and restaurant business for 22 years.  I'm a serial entrepreneur and enjoy learning about and launching businesses. When I'm not working at Port Ashton, I am the Director of the Fairbanks Small Business Development Center... and when I'm  not working there, I enjoy hiking, karate, and doing projects at home (and Port Ashton!)


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