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Welcome to Port Ashton Lodge

An Authentic Remote Alaskan Experience


Located on world-renowned waters, Port Ashton offers fabulous lodging in Prince William Sound ... the ideal place if you're looking for an authentic, remote Alaskan experience. Trophy fish, clean and cozy cabins with modern conveniences, a wood-burning hot-tub, hiking trails, glaciers, campfires, whales, bears, eagles, and more. Much more.

Port Ashton is easily accessible by air or sea (only), and it's full of history and adventure. The time you spend here will be the highlight of your Alaskan experience. Untouched nature and the personal touch of friendly and fun lodge hosts - that's the Port Ashton experience. Come and get it!



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On a two day fishing trip our party of 12 stayed overnight at the Port Ashton Lodge. When our boat made the turn into the small cove where the lodge is located, my heart skipped a beat, I got weak in the knees, and I immediately fell in love. The scenery, atmosphere, be honest, it’s difficult to put into words how rediculously beautiful and inviting the lodge and the location really is. Although, while talking with friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, strangers (basically anyone willing to listen to me yap about my new obsession) I’ve noticed that I often use the words “incredible and breathtaking” when attempting to describe the experience. I know it’s cliche, but you have to see this place to really appreciate it’s raw and picturesque beauty. I was there just last week and am already looking forward to my next visit. I would absolutely without a doubt recommend booking a night or two at the Port Ashton Lodge. The place is incredible, absolutely incredible.

Simminy, PA


Port Ashton Lodge Porter is here! Roasty. Chocolatey. Robust. (Did we mention delicious?)

Available at the Bearpaw River Brewing in Wasilla. It won't last long, and it won't be back until next spring.


Stop by and get yours now!  

Photo Credit: Dirk Westfall Photograph

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