Meet Yukon, BA


Seeing an Alaskan black bear in the wild is one of the most thrilling experiences anyone in Alaska will ever have. The thrill is shared by tourists and locals alike, and it just never gets old!


That said, seeing a bear in your camp ... not so much! That gets old real fast.


Thanks to Yukon, Port Ashton's BA (Bear Alarm), we're confident your stay with us will be a safe one ... with bears kept at a distance. (Turns out bears don't like a barking dog anymore than neighbors do!)


While Yukon does a fantastic job, his predecessor, Licorice, or "Lickie" as she was affectionately called, was also part of the Port Ashton Lodge family for many years and a fantastic BA.


Each spring when it was time to head back to the lodge, Lickie's anticipation was actually palpable... somehow she just knew. She had a sweet, deep "woah woah woah" bark with a little dance that went with it as she anxiously watched us prepare everything.


(On a side note, I am pleased to report that Licorice didn't leave us due to a bear encounter ... just 18 good years of living the good life!)

Please note: although Yukon lives on the property, for safety and other reasons, Port thas a no pets policy.


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