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Meet Our Newest Family Member - Lily! 

Bear Alarm (BA)


Seeing an Alaskan black bear in the wild is one of the most thrilling experiences anyone in Alaska will ever have. The thrill is shared by tourists and locals alike, and it just never gets old!  That said, seeing a bear in your camp ... not so much! That gets old real fast.


Meet Lily our newest member to the family!  She is a Karelian Bear Dog! Incredibly smart, curious and playful.  Lily has a very important role at Port Ashton so training and socialization have begun.  She will learn to greet guests at the dock, guide you to your cabins and be vigilant keeping bears off the property.  She has a big responsibility and a big role to fill.  While Yukon nor Licorice will not be there to guide her, she will have her family and training to fall back on and will learn fast.  

Both Yukon and Licorice, or "Lickie" as she was affectionately called, were a loved part of the Port Ashton Lodge family for many years and a fantastic BA.


Each spring when it was time to head back to the lodge, both Yukon and Lickie's anticipation was actually palpable... somehow they just knew. They had a sweet, deep "woah woah woah" bark with a little dance that went with it as they anxiously watched us stage summer supplies and pack everything.


Both Yukon and Licorice didn't leave us due to a bear encounter.  Yukon had 8 1/2 great years greeting many guests and chasing bears.  Licorice had an amazing 18 good years of living the good life!

Please note: Lily lives on the property all summer long working very hard keeping guests and a keen eye out for bears.  For safety and other reasons, Port Ashton Lodge does not accept guest pets.


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